Curing childhood cancer is the equivalent of curing breast cancer in terms of productive years saved.

Did you know?

This year, it is estimated that 15,780 children and adolescents will be diagnosed with cancer… that’s over 40 kids a day.

Did you know?

Unlike adult cancers, childhood cancers are rarely diagnosed in the early stages. In 80% of these children, it has already spread to other parts of their body by the time it has been diagnosed.

Did you know?

95% of surviving children, adolescents and young adults who are treated for cancer will have chronic health problems as a result of their treatments and 80% will continue to have severe or life threatening conditions.

And yet…

Childhood cancers receive only 4% of Federal funding for research, compared with 10-15% for many other types of cancer.

60% of funding for adult cancers comes from pharmaceutical companies, while less then 1% of funding for childhood cancer comes from these same companies.

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“Cancer is an uninvited monster: it comes and takes over with no remorse. Cancer robs every child, mother, father, sister, brother; entire familes never have a “normal” life again. Our lives are completely changed: life will never be as good, feel as good or enjoyed as it was before.

When you are told the treatment to save your child’s life could bring them to the brink of death or kill them, it is so wrong!” – Sharon White

Instead of learning their first words in the comfort of their home, babies learn to talk in the hospital, attached to IV’s running chemotherapy into their tiny bodies.

Instead of doing ballet or playing in Little League games like their friends, little boys and girls spend months confined to a a hospital bed, sick, tired, and fighting for their lives.

Teenagers with cancer are ripped away from their schools, their friends, and everything innocent in their lives, Teens with cancer pray to simply see tomorrow.” – Dr. Rachel Thienprayoon MD

“It is established that children are diagnosed with cancer types that differ from those in adults… Children’s bodies are still growing and developing during illness and treatment; therefore, cancer treatments will affect them unequally over their life and compared to adults.”

Because Statistics Don’t Tell the Whole Story: A call for Compreshensive Care for Children with Cancer – Jennifer Cullen Ph.D, MPH.

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